Research & Innovation

Inomera is based in premises of one of the most prestigious universities of Turkey, Boğaziçi University. Taking advantage of research and innovation culture of the university, and our experienced engineering team, Inomera keeps up with the latest changes in the technology.

Expertise and know how

Inomera is focused on telecom since 2008. We have delivered successful projects and products to telecom giants such as Vodafone, Turkcell, Avea, Turk Telecom, Ericsson and we have continuous relations with every customer we work with.

Experienced team

Inomera Research was founded by a gang of 5 IT industry veterans who had decades of experience in Enterprise IT, and completed numerous projects in Telecom, Finance, Manufacturing and Retail industries.


Rather than working on many projects on different industries, we focus on mobile, telecom and retail. This dedication brings us more knowledge and expertise.

Long term customer success

We believe that your success is our success. The most important thing for us is to keep our customers continuously satisfied with our services and products. We aim to have long term relationships with our customers. Since 2008, our every customer still continues to work with us.


We always prioritize our customers’ requirements and continuously work to incorporate customer feedback into our products, services and products. We welcome change as it will create better customer satisfaction and success.

Our Customers

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Mobile app engagement? We are the experts!

Netmera: Mobile app engagement
Integrate Netmera to your mobile app and start engaging your users! Visit

Segments and targets

Target your app users according to their preferences, behaviors or locations.

Engagement analytics

Get reports of your push notification campaigns, analyze how your open rates change or active users increase when you make a campaign.

Push notifications

Standart, rich media or interactive notifications help you reach your customers with the best content.

CRM integration

Integrate your CRM system to make more detailed targeting and run seamless campaigns.


Telecom solutions

Telco grade solutions, simplified!

Customer Self Care

Rich and engaging self care experience on every platform: mobile apps, web+mobile web portals.

Telco API Management and Monetization

Inomera is experienced in delivering secure APIs and high performing mobile SDKs.

SDP as a Cloud Service

Inomera combined its experiences in SDP projects, SaaS and cloud to create an easily deployed, zero maintenance, scalable Service Delivery Platform on the cloud.

Retail solutions

From mobile commerce apps to in-store omni channel technologies

E&M commerce

our modular system enables you to complete your existing systems and gets you ready for mobile commerce too.

Omni Channel

In store engagement and assisted sales scenarios are our expertise! Let us help you excel.

Mobile Loyalty

Mobile loyalty programs are now taking over the traditional card based programs. When combined with our mobile app engagement tools, they work better!

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